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Interactive box - searching for the childhood

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  • An interactive box for children of ages4-14 and their educator, It contains 4worldly renowned values (Peace,Respect, Love, Responsibility). Theseare designed in a professional andinnovative method that integrates wellwith substance of the value, the way itis presented, and the results we lookforward to achieving. The containedbook illustrates plans and styles thatmakes it easier for any educator toexplore the talent and potential of thechild and further enhance them.Added to the product are follow-uptables to take down notes for both theeducator and the child. The bookincluded stands out with its speciallyenriched peripherals that finelysupports the activities explainedwithin it. The book it self is provided inEnglish and Arabic to add joy to itsreaders. Next are the
    detail of productcontents..
    Box size: H: 5 cm L: 21 cm. W: 28 cm.
    Weight : 1.775 kg.